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About Gladeyes

Founder Peggy Stern is an Academy Award-winning producer and director whose work in film and new media explores personal stories that reflect larger cultural, political and societal issues.

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The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation
Academy Award Winner - Best Animated Short

“One of the most stunning, original and emotionally moving animated films ever created. It belongs in every audio-visual library and animation-lover’s collection.”
- Donald Crafton, University of Notre Dame


A short-form web series featuring real kids with learning differences sharing strategies for succeeding in school and life! Our mission is to make sure that the 1-out-of-5 kids with dyslexia, ADD, or other learning differences grow up confident and without shame. We offer companion activities, discussion guidelines, and other teaching tools. Our program will be rolling out soon!

New Release: HANDS

An animated adaptation of Sherwood Anderson's short story from Winesburg, Ohio. Hands deals with a reclusive man who hides for fear of expressing his desires because of society's prejudice. Created by John Canemaker. Produced by Peggy Stern.

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Upcoming: DO NO HARM

Do No Harm is a three-part documentary series following six idealistic doctors in their final year of training in the cutting-edge field of Palliative Care. Filmed with extraordinary, intimate access to patients and doctors at New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, the series immerses us in a new and transformative kind of medical care.

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