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Peggy Stern

Peggy Stern’s work has an underlying motif of examining how our institutions function – and do not function – on behalf of people. A Harvard graduate, Peggy has a particular interest in education and childhood development, informed by her own lifelong experience as a dyslexic. This has led her to create SuperD!ville, an innovative multimedia resource for young and adult dyslexics, parents, teachers, and advocates. A SuperD! YouTube school curriculum will be available this fall!

Even in her early works, Peggy recognized the potential of animation to express deeper meanings within the framework of the documentary film. For two decades she has collaborated with animator John Canemaker, and in 2006, Stern and Canemaker won Academy Awards for The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation. This 28-minute animated short is based on Canemaker’s own life and that of his Italian immigrant father. Canemaker later designed and directed animation sequences for Stern’s Turner Classic Movies documentary, Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood, and has designed animation for SuperD!ville.

Peggy’s films have been shown on U.S. and international television and have won honors at festivals around the world, including the Cine Golden Eagle, a Golden Hugo and the National Geographic Earthwatch Film Award. 

Peggy lives in New York City with her husband Alan and their two children.

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